Children’s Gallery



We love to see any colouring or pictures your children produce, inspired by the Mass: please send them in here or via our Facebook page so we can share them with parishioners and others – everyone loves to see them!

These are some of the pictures from the last set of sessions:



Gallery from July 19th – plus Jo Solomides used a tree to grow crystals to show how we should grow the Kingdom of God around us.

You can watch its progress in the pictures…








Gallery from July 5th







Gallery from the ‘sparrows’ Gospel:






Artwork for Corpus Christi:






Artwork from previous weeks:








‘We  talked about how important love was, how God is love, how Jesus loved us by dying on the cross and rising again for us, and the greatest commandment which encompasses all the others – to love God and others as He has loved us.’



The children followed in the footsteps of Jesus: