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All of our churches are wheelchair accessible, with St. Peter’s being able to support more easily the bigger, motorised chairs/scooters.

There are hearing loop systems in place at St Peter’s, St Stephen’s and St Gregory’s churches and the weekly large-print Newsletter is distributed in all churches.

Gluten-free hosts are available. Please advise the Welcomer/Celebrant if this is required before Mass begins.

Assistance dogs are welcome.



Buses (from all over the area) stop opposite the church.

Train station 5 – 10 minutes walk.

Car parking in Church grounds is very limited. There are two designated disabled parking bays for daily use, with an additional 3 on Sundays (including 6.00pm Sat Mass).

Nearest car parks are on the opposite side of the road, or off Gordon Road (follow Jewry St to the end and round to the right: Gordon Rd is 1st turn to the left down North Walls).


Ramped access to church entrance for wheelchair users and those wishing to avoid a step.

Double doors into narthex, which is carpeted, before double doors into Church with wooden floor throughout.

Holy Water stoups at hand level.

Aisles are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. There are no designated parking places for wheelchairs, but room enough to be alongside outer end of rows, and so able to sit with family/friends, without impeding processions.

There are steps up to the sanctuary, but Holy Communion is distributed on the lower level.

Holy Communion can be brought to you (but please advise Welcomer or Celebrant).


There is an accessible toilet located in the Pastoral Centre (through doors by organ on right-hand-side).


In Pastoral Centre, level access.

Pastoral Centre

Open during office hours and during/after Masses. Level access throughout. Accessible toilet. Lift to the first floor.




No. 1 and No 5 Stagecoach buses stop within half a mile of the Church. Check timetables!

Car parking
Ample parking available, included two designated disabled parking (for Sundays) to lefthand side of the church, close to level access door into church.


Steps up to church doors, plus additional step into church. There is a portable ramp available.

Level access is via door to lefthand side of church, (width wide enough for traditional wheelchairs.)

The Church is level, with a step to the sanctuary.

The length of the pews makes it a little difficult for wheelchair users to be ‘seated’ near family/friends, except near the wall by the sacristy.

Holy Communion can be brought to you if required. (This is probably the best option, as the sanctuary area gets quite crowded at Communion time!) Please advise the Welcomer or Celebrant.


There is an accessible toilet to the rear of the church, close to the level access door to the outside.




No 64 bus (Winchester – Alton) stops near to the church. Check timetable.


Large car park, but rough surface. No designated disabled car parking.
Long ramp to Church entrance. Step into Church, portable ramp available into vestibule, followed by doors into church. Level access is via door to Church Hall (heavy!) and through doors to Hall and doors into church.

Aisles are narrow, but can be accessed by traditional-sized wheelchairs. Long pews and narrow aisles can make it difficult to place a wheelchair alongside family/friends. There are many comfortable supportive chairs available.

The floor is wooden and level. There is a step onto the sanctuary, and Holy Communion is distributed from the edge. Holy Communion can be brought to you. Please advise the Welcomer or Celebrant before the Mass begins.


There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the Church Hall.

Parish Hall

Level access throughout. Accessible toilet



Street parking only. Level access (narrow) through gate off High Street to church path; but only part of it is paved, leaving some gravel sections which may be difficult for traditional wheelchairs.

Level access into and in church. Wide enough to accommodate hand-propelled traditional chairs.

Wheelchair users are encouraged to be to the side of the sanctuary area.

There is an accessible toilet, through door to the left of the sanctuary, for traditional chair users.